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Jenna McDavid

she / her / hers

National Director, Diverse Elders Coalition (DEC)

Born and raised in New York state, Jenna began her foray into social justice through LGBTQ health advocacy and has expanded those passions into ensuring the right to age in good health and with dignity through her work with the Diverse Elders Coalition (DEC). As the National Director of the DEC, an organization working to improve aging in communities of color, LGBT communities, and American Indian/Alaska Native communities, Jenna monitors Federal aging policy and crafts responses that ensure that the voices of our communities are represented. When not working, Jenna is cooking vegan food, playing video games, skating with her local roller derby league, or riding her bike.

Sweet or savory?: Sweet

Hype song: Ingrid Michaelson - Afterlife

What to do then, when the only history you have is collage?
— from "Super Orphan" by Fatimah Asghar