Many communities. Many stories. Many advocates. One journey.

Who should apply to LAT?

Our ideal LAT candidate is …

  • interested in learning about policies that affect the SEAA community,

  • looking to connect with other SEAA community members from across the US,

  • highly motivated to advocate for the SEAA community, and

  • at least 18 years old

We welcome individuals from all 50 states to apply. Because of key opportunities in Congress, we especially encourage applications from community members in California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Will I have to pay for anything?

Unless otherwise arranged, participants will book their own travel arrangements, and SEARAC will issue reimbursement checks upon completion of the training in Washington, DC. Travel reimbursements are intended to cover a portion of travel expenses related to attending the training and are determined by geographic locations from which participants are traveling. We try to spread out our program budget so that it covers the majority of travel costs for all participants, but that also means everyone may shoulder a little bit. SEARAC will inform attendees individually of the maximum reimbursement amount they can expect.

For the duration of the training, SEARAC will provide:

  • Lodging (nights of June 18, 19, and 20; checking out June 21)

  • (Optional) Welcome Dinner, June 18

  • Day 1, June 19

    • Breakfast

    • Lunch

  • Day 2, June 20

    • Breakfast

    • Lunch

  • Day 3, June 21

    • Breakfast

You will be responsible for dinners after the training and any other meals not listed above. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse these additional meals.

What are the policy priorities around which we'll be advocating?



  • Data equity

  • Civil rights and language access

  • Culturally competent support


  • Affordable and accessible health care

  • Reducing SEAA health disparities


  • Just immigration laws

  • Dismantling the school-to-prison-to-deportation pipeline

  • Family immigration


You may read more about SEARAC's policy priorities for 2018-2010 in our national Southeast Asian American equity agenda.

Will I meet my member of Congress?

Typically, participants will meet with staffers of their members' offices who handle the specific issue area (e.g. education, health, immigration) of the meeting. In some cases, representatives and senators have been available to take meetings themselves.